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Learn the Real Way to Get Fitness Results

Fitness Plans that Work for Real People

We create custom home fitness plans which will become part of your every day routine and will help you achieve the fitness results that you want.
We are proud to have worked with clients in the Ottawa area for more than 20 years; motivating and educating them to more active and healthier lifestyles.

Your Lifestyle

If you are a busy professional wondering how to fit a healthy routine into your life.
If you are not finding time to get to the gym or you don't like going to the gym.
If you want to feel stronger, healthier and more energized.
If you want to feel younger.
Then you are just the kind of person we can help.

No Drills. No Bootcamps. No Diets.

We create real fitness routines for real people. You will be able to workout in your own home using a few pieces of basic exercise equipment. We will design a custom home fitness program that will allow you to get fitter and stronger within a manageable routine. One of our personal fitness trainers will guide you all the way.
There will be no more excuses. We will always show up.

Real Fitness for Real People - Our Mission

Our mission is to motivate and educate people towards more active and healthier lifestyles.
One of the big differences between Home Fitness for Real People and other home fitness programs is that you will learn as you go. By the end of your first program, you will have a better understanding of exercise, nutrition and weight-loss. You will have the knowledge to continue your training and nutrition routines on your own.
However, most of our clients are so pleased with the motivation and education they receive from our Home Fitness for Real People trainers that they renew for maintenance and further progress.

Free In-home Consultation

Call 613-422-1991 or email us today for a free home fitness consultation and a review of our instructional materials. See how you can benefit from our approach to home fitness training.